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Oats as a Food to Help Lose Belly Fat

The high incidence of body fat has driven more and more people to seek food to help lose belly fat. There have been many kinds of food to aid the loss of weight and fat in the body. Many have been fads and proven by research as mistaken in their claims. Others have been proven to have benefits to the weight loss and fat loss pursuits of many dieters.

One of the latter is oats, a type of a whole grain.

Oats have mainly been used as a breakfast food, like oatmeal, porridge and also granola. Oats are processed in such a way that they retain more of their nutritional value than other grains like wheat or barley. The grains can be rolled, which does not affect the goodness of the oats. Whole oats are less processed and harder to cook, but are have more nutrients retained in them than oats that have been sliced or oats that have gone through more processing.

Oats as a breakfast food is much healthier than commercial cereals because it’s made up of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs are more beneficial to health and provide energy longer to the body than the simple carbs in many sugary cereals. Oat bran is also used in healthier cereals.

Healthy breads and cookies can also be made out of oatmeal flour. Many dieters use oat bran in their fat loss programs to help lower their cholesterol levels. It’s also a good substitute for people who are allergic or sensitive to wheat.

Oats are about 10% protein. They are also an excellent source of fiber. Fiber helps with digestion and it is recommended in many good diets that a person eat an amount of fiber each day. There are also fortified oats which are infused with a higher amount of vitamin A than regular oats.

But fortified oats, like many processed food, also have more salt. Oats have varying amounts of many vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B, folic acid, iron, zinc and phytonutrients like avenin, carotene, and lutein.

For a long time, oats have been avoided in some sorts of diets because of its gluten, but for many people who don’t mind grain that has gluten in their diets; oats would be very beneficial, not only for fat loss, but for general health as well. They are generally easy to cook, rolled oats taking only minutes and some are cheaper than many other breakfast foods, making it a great food to help lose belly fat for anybody.

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